Raster Master – Sprite/Icon/Map editor for Windows 10/11 that generates putimage code and map code for Open Watcom, gcc, AmigaBASIC, Amiga C, Amiga Pascal ,QuickBasic, QB64, Quick C, Turbo Pascal, freepascal, Turbo C, Turbo Basic, Power Basic, FreeBASIC, GWBASIC, BASICA, PC-BASIC – Authors Youtube channel.


Windows 10/11 keyboard shortcuts


AmigaOS 3.2 NDK

Interactive Amiga PCB Schematics

identify.library – Amiga library for hardware identification

JST – Excelent (W)HDLoader/degrader – very helpful under Emu68 as it helps running bunch of games/demos from WB.

Commodore 64

More MagicDesk CRT conversions by Hellboy73 and author’s Youtube channel

Codebase64 – c64 coding tutorials and guides by sceners

DirMaster – disk image editor

mcDRAW online editor by Zooperdan/DSR

Pagetable docs

Shallan’s Youtube coding channel – C64 but also Mega65 coding

Spritemate online sprite editor and Github page

STA’s C64 Dev docs

Retro Debugger – C64, NES, Atari XL/XE debugger