CaffeineOS 921

Latest version 920 921 posted by maintainer on https://archive.org/download/caffeine-os-storm-921.

CaffeineOS is great all-in-one Amiga OS distribution intended for running on powerful PiStorm/Vampire/WinUAE Amigas. Download is 17,8 Gb and unpacked file can be written to media using favorite disk imager tool (dd, Win32dskImager, Balena Etcher, RPi imager, …). Hence, 32GB media is required. OSFMount from osforensics.com can be used to mount image for use in WinUAE – use full disk mount in OSFMount.

Changes from 920 to 921

  • Fix Scala MM 400 crashing
  • Cannonball install Japanese roms and make Japanese tracks default
  • Removed Ftext patch
  • Updated WHDLoad v18.9
  • Changed all WhdLoad starting scripts to make them work with the new Whdload v18.9
  • Reworked Turtle scripts. Simplified Turtle message system
  • Added WHDLoad-Turtle to top menu System>WHDLoad for manual Turtle control
  • Updated Drally
  • Installed Leander (WHDload)
  • Installed SuperStarDust AGA (WHDLoad)
  • StartNet2 add device support for PlugNPlay
  • Supported devices in this update:
    • Cnet16
    • 447:9000:Network:Belkin:F5D5020-PCMCIA-Network-Card:V1
    • 539:514:Network:Dynalink:L100C16:V
    • Cnet
    • 329:560:Network:NETGEAR:FA410TX:Fast Ethernet
  • Updated Welcome
  • Updated UHCTools
  • Updated TankMouse driver v0.3
  • Installed SMB2-GUI v1.0 (Prefs/Network)
  • Updated Emu68 / Emu6832Lite to v0.13.0 10.05.23 (UserFat/Kernel)
  • Updated to latest DBT (Device tree blobs) (UserFat)
  • Added Whdload Start Button to Splash window

EDIT: Updated on 13.05.2023.

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