Summer Camp cartridge conversion

Eh … Although this CRT conversion was completed in January of this year, everyday life events, PiStorm Amiga Emu68 🙂 The Long Dark 🙂 and available free time made me to forget to publish this CRT conversion of Summer Camp. But thanks to Michael’s reminder in Winter Camp CRT post comments, here it is – Summer Camp CRT conversion of Thalamus 1990. game.

I remember I spent hours playing this as a kid 🙂 I simply was hooked up by it’s cartoony graphics, catchy tunes and challenging gameplay.  Yes, it suffers from frustrating controls so I recommend using keyboard for more precise control, especially if you are playing this on PC emulator. BTW, I am able to get to level 3 without a lost life 😉

As source of files I used original SPS disk image from 1992 Kixx budget floppy release. Interestingly, looks like that release was conversion from original full-price tape release 🙂 I noticed quite a few bugs in this release also, so I fixed them during a conversion. Now, you have a proper scoring in bonus game between levels, sprites are properly leaving screen on bonus games, timers are starting when levels start, you don’t get points anymore on screens between levels, transition screens are now tuned with less delays, … As I freed up $0400 (1 Kb) of memory during conversion, I used it to add in-game pause menu screen, with game quit and infinite lives option 😉

Zip archive contains following files:
SUMMER_CAMP_MD.CRT – Useful for Kung Fu cartridge, VICE, FPGA/emulators supporting Magic Desk cart type. Use this if you are VICE user.
SUMMER_CAMP_OCEAN.CRT – Padded to 512 KB for EasyFlash programming, can be used in VICE/emulators also.
SUMMER_CAMP_MD.BIN – Magic Desk/Marina64 128KB BIN file for EPROM programming.
SUMMER_CAMP_OCEAN.BIN – Ocean 512KB BIN file for EPROM programming. Content is same as in MD version, so most of those 512Kb is unused space.

Bin files are provided in case you want to create your own hardware cartridge. I successfully used this project for hardware (pozdrav Marko again!), but it should be compatible with Marina64 cartridge also.

Michael thank you for reminding me to release this conversion! Enjoy!


Winter Camp CRT conversion, second part of Maximus Mouse duology released in 12/2023. is available here.

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  1. Michael Says:

    The best version of this underrated game. Thankyou for including the option to turn the music on/off. Regards, Michael

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